Puerto Rico is considered one of the greatest modern strategy board games. For a long time it enjoyed a #1 ranking on Board Game Geek for strategy as well as overall board game. It has since slipped to #6 in both categories, but for a game that is over 10 years old it has proven itself as a classic. So, when I saw the birthday present Twitter user KrakenTdG received I was excited to share them with you as well.
Knowing Kraken TdG loved the game Puerto Rico, a friend decided to create a special component to help facilitate play while making the game more immersive. To do this he built a central component storage area mimicking a sea port. To ensure space for a full 5 player game he settled on a pentagon shape as the overall structure for the port. Using various crafting materials, he cleverly included space to store resources, role cards, and buildings as well as money and ships. Take a look:

Source: Board Game Pimping

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