I love board games and l loved reading Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series as a kid. I still do. The characters are inventive, and the political intrigue pulls you right in. The game is no different. You get to play as one of the ruling houses, and you try to gain a strong hold on the planet Dune. Each faction has its own unique abilities that, if properly used, enable each player a path to victory. The game requires six or more people to get the most out of it and can last for hours. If you find an available copy of Dune then buy it, because you won’t regret it.
Facebook user Paul Cunningham decided to take his copy to the next level by adding several upgrades that give the game experience more depth. First, he custom printed a massive 60″ x 60″ board and mounted under plexiglass. As part of this process he tweaked the faction colors to match the miniatures he added to the game. Then he created a massive 3D storm marker out of card board to give the sand storm an ominous feeling. All told, Paul says he spent several hours creating the graphics and a couple of weeks to get the whole setup put together.

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