From GaleForce Nine:

Take to the skies in two new ships for Firefly: The Game, the Esmeralda and the Jetwash.  Built on the latest Firefly chassis, both of these ships are top-of-the-line Series IV Firefly vessels.  At their core, each ship has a superior drive core, more cargo space and a secure fuel exchange system.  Each ship also comes pre-equipped with specialty upgrades optimized to maximize their use for certain tasks and jobs.
A dedicated transport vessel, the Esmeralda affords passengers maximum comforts as they journey across ‘the Verse.  With fully appointed and expanded staterooms, the Esmeralda has plenty of room for both passengers and crew alike.  Passengers and crew alike will break bread together in the Esmeralda’s family-style Full Mess Deck.  If need to get to your destination in style or if you need to get to your destination in secret, the Esmeralda is the right ship for the job.
If you need cargo delivered quickly and quietly, the Jetwash is the ship for you.  Like all Series IV Firefly vessels the Jetwash boasts an expansive cargo bay, with room to spare for any load.  Taking inspiration from its namesake, the Jetwash also come pre-equipped with some dynamic upgrades.  Navigating treacherous space is a mite easier when deploying the ships Decoy Nav Sat Cluster.  And if the Jetwash does find itself in a tight spot, a boost from its ram jets can ensure that the ship reaches its destination.  At the helm of the Jetwash, you will be a leaf on the wind and other captains will watch you soar.

Each Coachworks game booster contains everything players need to add a new ship to Firefly: The Game.  A new Firefly Series IV model; ship card; color-coordinated ship dice; new ship upgrades; sheet of game tokens; a new Set Up Card; and a new Story Card.  Take flight on board the Esmeralda and the Jetwash later this summer when both of these Coachworks Game Boosters land at your favorite games retailer.

Source: GaleForce Nine

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