Custom game maker and Imgur user XsimonbelmontX created a Fallout themed monopoly game for his wife in 2013. However, this wasn’t enough to capture their enthusiasm for the Fallout series. Last year he began a journey to create a completely original board game based off the Fallout world.

In the game you start with minimal equipment, scrounging for whatever you can find, while fighting monsters and plotting against your opponents. The board is free-roaming, you move and perform various actions using AP, rather than rolling dice and hoping for the best. Of course there are various events that occur throughout the game depending on the cards that come up. Once everyone gets some decent equipment and caps together, people start getting brave and attacking each other head-on, and trying to blow up bases, either for the purpose of planting their own flag there, or just to leave the owner homeless. When you are killed, you can respawn on any of your bases after one turn, but if your last base has been destroyed, and then you are killed, you are eliminated from the game. Last person standing wins. The more bases you have, the harder you are to kill, and also, each base comes with a quest, which once completed, provides advantages unique to that location. For example, for Vault 13, you have to find the water chip. Completing that quest gives you an unlimited supply of purified water, which can restore 20hp every time you stop at Vault 13 for a turn. Usually there are secret alliances formed under the table, which are mutually beneficial at first, but only one person can win, so someone is inevitably stabbed in the back at some point.

Source: Imgur – XsimonbelmontX

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