Board Game Tokens for Christmas

My wonderful brother-in-law purchased a board game enhancing token set for me this Christmas. The set is from MayDay games and is called the “Premium Euro Token Boxed Set.” It really adds to the enjoyment of each game I use it with. The tokens are perfect for Agricola, Kingsburg, Stone Age, and Settlers of Catan, but they can also be used with Tzolk’in and several other games in my collection.

All told this set comes with 279 tokens. The tokens include 25 farmers (for Agricola) along with Sheep, Pigs, Cattle, Reed, Brick/Clay, Wood, Stone/Ore, Gold, Meat, Fish and Bread. To top it off it also has a handy storage box. With the diversity this set offers the retail price of $49.95 is a great investment for your board game enhancing future.

via: My Brother-In-Law

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